The Same-Sex Marriage War

The fight for same-sex marriage has become a war. An ugly, pointless war, often misdirected. I am a Christian so I have become a target for those supporting same-sex marriage, even though I haven’t said or done anything. Just my mere confession that I am a Christian seems to incur such rage and hatred. People assume that because I am a Christian that I must think and feel a particular way. Assumptions make up who I must be and what I believe. I must be hateful, homophobic, divisive, and lack intelligence. Nothing could be further from the truth. And whilst the hatred and wrath directed at me is hurtful, what is even more hurtful is the lack of education and fact of those fighting this ridiculous one-sided war.

Yesterday, a woman I considered a friend, posted the most foul, anti-Christian and anti-Bible post on her facebook page, knowing I would see it. It hurt. What hurt about it is how ill-informed it is. The gay lobby must have nothing better to do than sit around writing rhetoric about Christians and the Bible. You don’t fight a war that way guys! They figure that even if you don’t present the facts, that if you scream loudly enough, people would stand to attention and believe your lies. Well it’s working. The post of my “friend” listed what the Bible supposedly supports and endorses and how because of the violence and injustice of it all, that it should be ignored. So basically, a bunch of Biblically illiterate fools read these posts, and accept them as gospel. They are so taken out of context it’s ridiculous. But even if there was truth to them, it doesn’t make the argument correct. They are basing their argument on incorrect assumptions. For example, 1+1=5.  The Old Testament was violent and the Mosaic Law contained elements of what we would now see in an advanced society as archaic and unjust. But life was so different back then and there was a purpose in the law which was good, and which was for the protection of the species. When Jesus came He fulfilled the Law and ushered in a different era. The New Testament is full of love, patience, justice and turning the other cheek from violence. However, Jesus was no mouse. He stood strong on many moral issues condemning them as wrong, and this included sexual immorality of any sort. As a Christian I believe that homosexuality is sinful, but no more sinful than lying, coveting and adultery. There are no degrees of sin. A person who is not a Christian can live as they choose and the church is not to judge them for it. We are only called to judge those inside the church; Christians. A Christian IS expected to live a godly lifestyle and this includes abstaining from sexual immorality of any sort, including homosexuality. You are not condemned from having homosexual inclinations or temptations; it is acting upon them which is sinful, just as acting upon any other sin is wrong.

The world needs to know that a true Christian, who actually reads, believes and knows their Bible, does not believe that a person will go to hell for being homosexual. That is simply not true. The one and only reason a person goes to hell is for rejecting Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. All of the other nonsense sprouted by defenders of same-sex marriage is useless rhetoric.

In Australia we have just recently had a federal election. On one side of the camp (pardon the pun) we had a leader who supported same-sex marriage, and on the other, one who did not, and said he would not. Australians have been told for a couple of years now that same-sex marriage is our number one priority and the most important issue facing Australians. Well by a landslide, the right-wing leader who does NOT support same-sex marriage was elected. So who’s lying? The majority of Australians clearly do not see same-sex marriage as a priority and I can guarantee that many of them are not Christians. They are from all walks of life, and all religions, and all races. So how is this the fault of Christians? Let’s complicate this further by pointing out that the leader who does support gay marriage claims to be Bible believing Christian! That’s the truth. So what does all of this really tell us? This tells us that the war against Christians is misguided. Muslims hate homosexuality in any form and their law holds the death penalty. Same-sex marriage does not even register in their society. Why not redirect your anger at them? My parents are not Christians and they do not support same-sex marriage. Many of my friends and colleagues are not Christians (some are atheists) and they do not support same-sex marriage. Some of my Christian friends DO support same-sex marriage. The label given to all Christians as being hateful and the one reason same-sex marriage is off the table in many countries is plainly wrong. We are obviously just an easy target in a world of angry, spiteful and venomous people. I wish that the gay lobby and supporters of same-sex marriage would get their facts straight. Stop misusing the Bible (the Koran plainly condemns homosexuality so pick on them for a while), stop blaming Christians, and use your brain. Fight fairly so that at least you can win fairly. 


3 thoughts on “The Same-Sex Marriage War

  1. ” I wish that the gay lobby and supporters of same-sex marriage would get their facts straight.”

    And I wish the people against ssm would stop opposing ssm, as it will have no impact on them.

  2. love this. I’ve written my fair share of gay post, but not because I’m just so overly passion about it. Far from it actually, no I wrote them because I was so fed up with the bashing and the name calling and the “you better be pro gay marriage or I’m going to throw a fit!” mentality that I finally broke. I feel like if you say nothing on the subject that camp take is as an affirmation or agreement (see pamphlets that say open to see what Jesus said about being gay and you open it and it’s blank) so you HAVE TO say something or your counted as in agreement.

    Anyways, I loved your post. 🙂

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