Strange Fire Criticisms Unwarranted

There is so much negative hype surrounding the Strange Fire conference, sadly, including criticism from some of a reformed persuasion. I don’t understand the criticism and I think it’s unwarranted.

I for one am delighted with the conference, and I have been sitting here listening to hours of teachings fresh from Strange Fire. Having listened to so much of the teaching, I am wondering where all of these criticisms are coming from. The teaching is Biblical, gracious, and stems from a genuine concern regarding the Charismatic and Pentecostal movements. It is not unnecessarily critical, and the issues being addressed are extremely worrying. How genuine Christians can criticise and condemn this conference is beyond me. And to make it worse, most of the criticism came from before the conference had started, and no one had yet had a chance to even know what was being taught.

As I have stated in most of my other blog articles, I was rescued from the Charismatic movement. I was caught up in it for years and I could feel it destroying me, but blinded by my own delusion, I could not put my finger on what was making me so uncomfortable. A friend of mine gave me John MacArthur’s book, Fool’s Gold, (I had NEVER heard of John MacArthur before this), and praise God, I read it and the Lord opened my eyes. I could see that what I was involved in was demonic and dangerous. Through John MacArthur’s book, warning against the dangerous practices of the Charismatic and Pentecostal movement, my life was forever changed. Many of you may continue to criticise and condemn MacArthur, Sproul, Peters, Johnson , Friel etc for their work and teachings at the Strange Fire conference, but I am telling you first- hand how desperately necessary this conference and work like it is. For those of you who still criticise, where were you when I needed my eyes opened to help me get out of the movement? You were probably too busy criticizing someone else who was doing the hard yards.

The teachings of the Charismatic and Pentecostal movement are damnable heresies. They must be fought with truth and exposure. We are in a war for the very souls of men and the charismatic deception has such a strong hold over men. The Charismatic movement is a new movement. It is not steeped in history of any kind, and it is one of the fastest growing religious movement on the planet. There are millions and millions of people caught up in the heresy and they need to be warned. I am so grateful to the Lord for raising men like John MacArthur who spends his life warning and teaching. As a result, he has lost a great deal of reputation, even among those who should know better, but still he fights. I’ll forever be thankful that the Lord used him to rescue me from the darkness I was in. 

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