Open dialogue from Strange Fire

Besides being chock-full of fantastic teaching, the Strange Fire Conference has caused open dialogue regarding the deception of the Charismatic/Pentecostal movement. Having escaped the Pentecostal movement myself, I find this conference entirely necessary.

What I am particularly pleased about regarding the open dialogue, is the amount of Charismatic people who are complaining and griping about the conference. They are talking! They are listening! They are offended and rightly so; this conference attacks and condemns the falseness and dangers of the movement they are involved in. And what I have noticed is that the Charismatics would prefer to go down with their ship rather than take a sincere look at the claims of the conference speakers. They would prefer to defend their movement, rather than look to the Bible for truth. It has revealed to me even more that the Charismatic movement is so deceptive that those embedded in it would prefer to follow it to hell rather than examine the claims of the conference speakers; all men of God, with sound theological training, respected around the world, and NEVER caught up in scandal or immorality.

But at least the Charismatics are talking! Whilst they are complaining, they are still talking and that is really important. True, they are trying to justify their position, but it is still dialogue. They are also listening to the podcasts and watching the videos from the conference, and hopefully a few of them will have their eyes opened. I have noticed that most of the comments following the videos are from the Charismatics denouncing the teachings, but at least they’re watching. Praise God for that!

They may not find people like John MacArthur or RC Sproul to be credible sources, but surely they find the Bible trustworthy? Don’t they? Surely they can trust people such as myself who was once embedded into that false, deceptive lifestyle like they now are? Considering they are so experience reliant, can’t they trust my experience, and the experiences of many of us who have been rescued from the darkness of the Charismatic movement and are now living in the truth and purity of God’s word? They see our claims against their teachings as attacks, but the truth is that it has been done out of love. Love for these people that are so caught up in deception, and a desire to see them delivered from it. This is a war. We are fighting for souls. We cannot just sit back and watch you die as you praise a man made god and exercise your demonic gifts in the name of Jesus. Keep dialoguing people; even if only a handful escape the clutches of this foul movement, then the conference will have been worth it. 


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