My hyper-nutshell case for Cessationism…

Watch Your Life and Doctrine Closely...

In all the StrangeFire stink, there’s been precious little positive offerings of this blog (as has been pointed out).  While I should be napping (since my children are down for 45 minutes or however long they’re down), I’ll instead blast out a infinitesimally small outline of my case for cessationism.  Here’s my Biblical case for cessationism in a tiny-nutshell:

Bible Nutshell(source)

1.  The pattern of frequency of signs and wonders (in general) was that of extreme scarcity.  Only a handful of miraculous events occurred outside of the 70 year time frames of Moses/Joshua, Elijah/Elisha, and Jesus and the Apostles.  Of all creation history, only around 200 years were marked by frequent signs and wonders.

2.  The Biblical Purpose for signs and wonders (in general) was clear and consistent throughout scripture (validation of the agent of divine action/revelation).  (i.e. Ex. 3-4, 1 Kings 17, etc.)

2.  The Biblical Definition…

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