Fruit 3: A False Gospel

Such a powerful post.

Beth Cavete

This post is part of a series focused on the “bring the kingdom” teaching of ministries like Bethel Church in Redding, CA and ministers like Bill Johnson and the fruit in real people’s lives.


I once knew a woman whose dad had been a small-time drug dealer.  He sold and used marijuana, and was generally very easy going and laid back.  He had affection for his kids, and worked construction as well to support them.  He was kind to them, and genuinely liked them.  When they were older, he kept in touch and visited them.

The problem was, while he was laid-back, coping with life by keeping his cool and getting high, the kids’ mother was beating, abusing, starving, locking in closets, and sexually molesting their children.

At some point, this man had some sort of conversion experience at a hyper-charismatic church whose pastor co-authored a book with Bethel’s…

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