Spurgeon’s Calvinism

“Suppose a man in the street should say, “What a shame it is I cannot have a seat in the chapel to hear what this man has to say.” And suppose he says, “I hate the preacher—I can’t bear his doctrine—but still it’s a shame I have not a seat.” Would you expect a man to say so? No—you would at once say, “That man does not care for it. Why should he trouble himself about other people having what they value and he despises?” You do not like holiness, you do not like righteousness. If God has elected me to these things, has He hurt you by it? “Ah, but,” say some, “I thought it meant that God elected some to Heaven and some to Hell.” That is a very different matter from the Gospel doctrine. He has elected men to holiness and to righteousness and through that to Heaven. You must not say that He has elected these simply to Heaven and others only to Hell. He has elected you to holiness if you love holiness. If any of you love to be saved by Jesus Christ— Jesus Christ elected you to be saved. If any of you desire to have salvation you are elected to have it—if you desire it sincerely and earnestly. But, if you don’t desire it, why on earth should you be so preposterously foolish as to grumble because God gives that which you do not like to other people?” 


6 thoughts on “Spurgeon’s Calvinism

  1. Floating on tiptoes,
    Don’t believe to much in the article of spurgeon , he does not understand what he is saying. Example : How can one be elected to go to heaven , and the other to hell? That is not biblical !…Going to heaven, and going to hell is a choice, not elected. If anyone wants to go to heaven , this is what he must do, he will follow all the commandments of Jesus Christ and not the commandments of Moses. Now , if anyone will choose to go to hell, this he must do, disregard all the commandments of Jesus Christ, and follow the commandments of Moses , and do whatever he wants to do.Drunkeness, womanizing, killing , and so forth, until he die. Its simple as that. God will not hesitate to give you what you want. It’s called FREEWILL.

    • Edward Sinclair,

      You are basing your arguments on faulty theology. You say, ‘How can one be elected to go to heaven, and the other to hell? That is not biblical. Going to heaven and going to hell is a choice’. We must be reading different Bibles because election most certainly is Biblical and God demonstrates election from the book of Genesis all the way through the Bible until the end. God chose Israel over every nation on earth, even though they were small and had done nothing to ‘earn’ this. God chose Abraham, He chose Isaac over Ishmael, He chose Jacob over Esau. God chose David over his brothers, although he was the youngest. God repeatedly chose one person over another through the Bible so it is clear that it is in His character and part of His redemptive plan. God does not elect people to hell, He merely passes over them and they are held responsible for their rejection. You see Edward, a person is so depraved by nature that all he can do is sin. Yet, when he does sin, he does it voluntarily because it is his nature to sin. In that sense he does have free-will to sin, but only in the sense that he can do nothing but sin. And for that sin and rejection of Christ he must be held accountable. The Lord is perfect and His will and His ways are perfect. He does not cause a person to sin or reject Him, He allows the person’s sin nature to hold him accountable.

      Secondly, you are preaching a gospel of works and not of grace, which is unbiblical.

      Thirdly, your eschatology is also faulty. You are making the incorrect assumption that the millennium is a literal 1000 years. That is not the case. The 1000 years is symbolic and in Scripture it represents a long period of time, a large number. We are in the millennium now.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. bibletruth777,
    The opening of the book is exlusive only to those that were living within the thousand years of the reign of Jesus Christ, and to those who had died outside the Church , before the coming of Jesus Christ, who had done some good in their life while they are yet living , who knows Jesus Christ, but had not a chance to enter The Church of God. And those people who were not written in the book, are those people who had known Jesus Christ, and still doing their own thing, and had not done any goodness in their life span.
    About the “by grace you are saved”, this refers to already Christians and already baptized. Do not make a mistake holding on to this verse, it does not meant for you, cause at this point in time, biblical speaking, you are still dead from sin ! You have to wait to be saved yet by God the Father from the congregation of the dead and translate you to the kingdom of His dear Son. When that happen, you can already says “by grace I am saved”. But understand this , you are just save from sin only , and not from the wrath of the Father to come. So when you are already in the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ, you have to do good works. Do not be lazy. But at this moment, you have to still wait to be save by God the Father from the congregation of the dead.
    I pray that you understand this.

  3. Hi, you said ” He has elected you to holiness if you love holiness” ” if you desire salvation you are elected to have it”

    My question is acording to Calvinism and total depravity man is inheritianly sinful and not able to respond, so how could anyone “love holiness” or ” desire salvation” if humanity is stained by sin in every aspect: heart, emotions, will, mind and body.This means people cannot independently choose God and to ” desire salvation” would me that in fact you had a choice to choose it, desire it.

    I’m not looking to debate but to clarify what your saying it seems like a oxymoron.

    I can’t under stand how if someone had no choice to accept or reject Jesus as Savior why they would be found guilty of sin that they could never have a chance to place under Grace & the blood of Christ.
    For example the Great White Throne Judgement…judging the ” dead” books where open and they were judged acording to their works.
    How can you be judged for something you had no opurtuiny to get under grace?

    As Christian even though we are saved we still have sin that we need to repent of sins ( no ones perfect) it’s a daily walk & struggle.
    Also he opens the book of life, why? If there was not a opurtuiny to have their name written in it why was the book open? How hurtful to see a way of escape yet beyond your control your not allowed in it.
    What would the very purpose of having a Judgement seat of the ” dead” even be about? If they have no chance of ever becoming a child of God and getting their name in the lambs book of life.
    How can you judge the works of someone who was created, elected, predestined to never recieve grace from the foundations of the world, yet it’s that very grace that is the only cure for sin. If their evil works are a result of something they were created to do, how can they be held accountable for it.

    Thanks for your time and I hope to find some answers about this.

    • Thanks for your message. I am time poor today so I will just answer one part of this now, and I’ll come back to the rest tomorrow or the next day. What Spurgeon is saying in ‘He has elected you to holiness if you love holiness’ if you desire salvation you are elected to have it’, is that if someone desires to be holy, it is because the desire is God-given. Because man is dead in his sins, and totally unable to seek God (dead IS dead), any desire we have towards holiness or godliness is given to us by God, as we are His elect. God would not give us the desire to be holy and to love and serve Him, if we were not one of His elect. He would not give us that desire and then pass over us so that we go to hell. That is not in God’s character. When I was 16 I became interested in God. My father was a Satanist and when I questioned him about God I did not get the kind of answer I was looking for. I had a longing to be in relationship with God and to know Him (I knew NOTHING about God having been raised as a Satanist), but I didn’t know how to seek Him. I became born-again a year later when the Lord brought a born again believer into my life. I know for a fact that the desire to know God would never have left me and it was all a part of God drawing me to Him. Just as Lazarus was dead in the tomb for four days and could not raise himself from that state, neither could he refuse to rise from the dead when called to life by the Lord Jesus.

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