Eat Your Half of the Muffin

The Hope Blog

muffIn a recent column a wife complained that she and her husband had virtually no intimacy because they had young children who would burst in on weekend mornings and spoil any chance of couple time. As parents, they were just too busy with the kids. I thought that the line about children bursting in said a great deal.

Lately, I have been mulling over the issue of children and boundaries with parents in the home. My line of thought began because of a muffin. I had shared half of the large blueberry muffin with my daughter as I had my morning coffee. She looked at me when finished and eyed up my half still sitting uneaten in front of me. In the sweet way she has, she asked for my half as well. Having already shared half, I told her, no, that it was my half of the muffin. She…

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