2 thoughts on “Patriarchy: Doug Phillips, Bill Gothard, Doug Wilson and Damage Control

  1. It’s brain washing and mind control. Taking away a women’s right to think or question anything, make her believe that she cannot trust her own good sense, and moulding her to be a good girl if she plays the perfect part doing everything unquestioning is brain washing. It is dumbing her down and making her very vulnerable to being exploited, abused and used. What a perfect world the ‘patriachs” have tried to create. Who is the beneficiary to such teachings? What does the Bible really teach or intend us to be like?

    • Thanks for your excellent response Lilac. You have hit the nail on the head. It is brainwashing and it is all for the benefit on the men who adhere to these destructive teachings.

      What does the Bible teach? Equal but different.

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