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One Truth One God

guilty-conscienceI watched a debate between Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron, and two atheists. It was interesting, but more than that, it was revealing; not so much for what they said, but for what they did. No doubt a picture is worth a thousand words!

Ray gave three proofs of God’s existence: Creation, the moral conscience, and the extraordinary transformation in the lives of Christians. The atheists dismissed Ray’s arguments because they cannot be seen or measured (except of course for Creation). They were looking for outward proofs, but were looking in the wrong place, and missed an undeniable proof of God’s existence, their very lives.

The proof of God’s existence lays inside of every atheist (Romans 1: 20) Their feelings and thoughts about God prove His existence. How is this so?

If I dare you to debate to prove the existence of unicorns, I bet you wouldn’t give it a thought…

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