Let it snow …

This morning the dog woke the household at 5am, desperate to go outside. Well the Arctic Vortex delivered as promised, and we had a very thick blanket of snow. It does normally snow here in the Central West of NSW in winter, but not a lot. Last winter it snowed three times, but it was a poor effort. This morning the snow cover was thick and consistent — everything was covered, not just a sprinkle. We live on a mountain so we actually received more snow than they will have in town, and we are right in the path of another much higher mountain where it snows every winter.

We took the dog for a run in the snow and he ran with childish abandon, leaping, frolicking, and then of course, sliding around when he lost traction. We had to come inside when it got too cold and my face was coated in snow. It was such a refreshing way to start the day, and even though the roads are closed and we can’t get to church, it’s lovely and warm inside. As soon as it lightens up outside we’ll venture out again and give the dog another run.

It’s funny when something as simple as a heavy snowfall can bring unexpected joy and a break from the day to day. Although I will miss church, spending the day with my family snuggled up inside with the heating and steaming cups of tea will be precious. We’ll read the Bible together and pray, and simply enjoy each other’s company. I think we all need days like this from time to time.

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