What to say about me? I am first and foremost a Christian, with a strong emphasis on Reformed Theology and the Five Solas. I am a professional writer, a perpetual university student (addicted to studying), a wife, mother, and friend. I believe that our theology is incredibly important as it defines what we believe about God and how we respond to that. I believe the Bible and aim to live by it.


9 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi and welcome to the blogging world. Thanks for subscribing to my blog. Is there a way to subscribe to yours? I don’t see a subscribe box, or did I just miss it.

    God’s blessings…

    “I believe the Bible and aim to live by it.” I always want to follow a blog like this.

      • You may want to try this. Go to your Dashboard and go down to “appearance” Click on it and you can go to widgets. In there, you will find something called “Follow Blog: email subscription.” Drag it into the box at the right. You will do this, of course, only if you want followers….like me.

        God’s blessings….

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